Me and Garrett got the chance to sneak off together and go on a date. We went to the Waka House in Baton Rouge and it was pretty good. I had been there before but not that location. I am not a very adventurous eater but Garrett is lol big time. Well he decided he would get everythng crazy so first thing he got was the baby octopus salad which is the hole reason for this blog post. Then he ordered sushi with a tablespoon of big salmon caviar on top (i tried it and it freaked me out, barely got it down), and for entree he got what is known as the valentines day roll. It was soy paper that wrapped up kiwi, crab, shrimp, and cream cheese, on top it has slices of strawberry, drizzled with an sugary sauce almost like an iceing, then it had little red caviar on top. lol he later realized that was too adventurous for him. i played it safe so i enjoyed my meal but lol any ways here the picture of his salad. Ahhh it freaked me out so bad he said they were cold and it popped with every bit and also had the texture of a gummy worm. so gross lol

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