Me and Garretts First Real Christmas Tree

This is me and my boyfriend Garrett’s very first Christmas Tree. We have been together almost seven years but we just moved into together in September. We at first were going to use my teeny tinny fake tree that I have had since my Freshman year in college, but after much talk we decided on a REAL ONE!!! By the way this is his very first real tree, ever.
When we went to go pick up this beauty we had a tree that was about a yard high. We got there and got so excited we left with a seven foot tree lol. The price was perfect and it was perfect. We bought it at the Louisiana Nursery on Perkins Rd. in Baton Rouge, LA.
We also ended up buying three sets of 100 count colored lights and a pack each of 6 glittery red and green ornaments. We were going to get a tree skirt but we liked it better without one. Also the dogs seem to like to steal a drink from the bottom every now and then. Hey I’m good as long as they don’t drink out of the toilet. Gross I know.
But were in love with the tree the smell is phenomenal. I have to say it is a perfect first tree. I would defiantly recommend a real tree over the fake trees, it is so worth the clean up and price. For that feeling when I see and smell it is worth any price to me. 

Cute Little Star!!!!

Our Favorite Ornaments

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