Warm Rainy Day Outfit

I love the sound of a rainy day. The dripping or the pouring, it is just so relaxing and it makes me so focused and puts me into "get it done" mode. I prey for rainy days until I actually have to go out into it.
I use to just throw on an old t-shirt and some old jeans with my old rain boots and baseball cap in hand and run out the door. I didn't care how I looked when it came to my outfit. Back then I would associate rainy days to feeling grungy and "gross" and it wasn't because of the weather, it was because of the way I treated myself. I realized that what I wore and how comfortable and pretty I felt, decided how my day was going to turn out and decided my mood.
Now I am motivated to get out and do things when I care about what I wear and care about what I look like.
I don't dress up everyday for anyone but myself. It makes me feel great and confident and put together. So this is my outfit for one of those rainy days were I actually am forced out of the house for school and errands.
When it comes to choosing an outfit for a rainy day I first look at the weather channel to see how warm it will get that day and decide if I need to dress in layers. today it wasn't going to get lower the 60 degrees or higher then 75 degrees so I new I could get away with a scarf and no jacket. Which I always carry a neutral cardigan in my bag just in case. Then I always go for my skinny jeans because they are stretchy and they are fine to get wet. The last thing I choose are my shoes and I make sure they have rubber treads on them so I have a good grip on the ground and don't slip. Last picture shoes what I am talking about. NEVER wear flat bottom shoes it will not end well. Last but not lease I ALWAYS carry an umbrella with me were ever I go because I will forget lol.
Enjoy! <3

LC Collection Kohls Top
Forever 21 Jeans
Kohls Scarf
Just Fab.com Boots
Clairs Black Beaded Braclette
Forever 21 Gold Bangles
Francesca Watch
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