Gatlenburg, TN Dec. 2011

I always enjoy going to Gatlenburg with Garrett's Family! Its always an experience and going right after Christmas is like an added Christmas present. I would have to say this trip was most defiantly the best of all the times I have gone with them which has been about 6-7 times. We defiantly got closer and it was really fun. There have defiantly been some ups and downs with his family and I but it was all worth it to be were we are now. 
My advice to girls or boys who have just started dating and your significant others family hates you just keep trying and doing everything you can (while staying true to yourself and values) to make it okay for them to welcome you into their family. The key really is time. One thing I couldn't grasp was that Garrett was the youngest and its hard for a parent to let their son/ daughter go. It took about 3 years for us to get on the right page. It seemed like a life time but these past 3 1/2 years have defiantly been worth the pain and tension. By the way we have been dating for 7 years in August. 
Side track lol well we went to a lot of places this trip and it was a blast!
Me and garrett were trying to take a couples picture but it was too close so a really sweet girl came up out of no were and asked if she could take our picture for us. I know that sounds sketchy, but I knew I could catch here lol just kidding. I was so excited because I really wanted a good picture of us. and no offense to Garrett's parents but his dad tends to take a picture of our feet or he will get us with his finger over our faces. lol I love him so much but taking pictures is not his forte'. 

 This is the picture she took 

Coral reef type place in the Ripley's Believe it or Not Aquarium  

Jelly Fish

Their new exhibit was the penguin area and there were tons of them 

Garrett's Parents Mrs. Rhonda and Mr. Jerry

Garrett's Mom took this picture on the side of the road on our way up the mountain. After this picture Garrett went traipsing across the river hopping from stone to stone like a rabbit lol

This is a picture of the little snow man we made and apparently its the thing to make one and put it on the hood of your car so when you ride to the bottom of the mountain everyone on the strip can see theres snow and its kind of like bragging.
The wolf hat is Mrs. Rhonda's we went in to a little shop on the strip and bout animal hats there so cute. I ended up buying  moose hat we loved them but never wore them.  

Mr. Jerry actually took this picture which is an amazing shot if I do say so myself. This was on the way up also and this is the bottom of the side of the mountain and Garrett ended up climbing up 30 feet higher. Its his dream to go hiking and climbing up a mountain. It was so steep I could only make it like 5 feet up. 

Dolly Wood is so gorgeous for Christmas. All of the buildings were outlined in lights and the trees were too (shown above) it was so beautiful. We ended up leaving when it closed and the line was about 2 hours till we could get a ride back so we decided to walk and oh my gosh it was so far but we all made it together and it was a fun experience.

This is the Gatlenburg strip from the top of the ski Lift. It literally is in the valley of the smokey mountains. 

This is what the ski Lift looks like

This was taken as we were descending 
The apple factory is a must go to because for 5 people ordering a lot of food with big portions was less then $100. Crazy that just doesn't happen unless you go to McDonald's. It was a big Restaurant attached to a huge General Store with everything apple theme. any were from Apple candles, desserts, savory recipe packets, cookbooks, a farmers market with all types of apples, apple decor and it just went on and on. Then there was the apple fritter quick stop were you can get hot, cold, or slushy apply cider. Also they had apple dumplings and apple fritters and apple pies. So freaking delicious. There is also a bakery and wine cellar. This was in Pidgin Forge by the way. Defiantly put this on the list when you go to Pidgin Forge or Gatlenburg!
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