April Birchbox Earth Day Awesomeness

This was the most exciting Birchbox yet! It was so earthy and so gorgious when I opened it up. Everything was so yummy smelling and frankly delicious looking. If that makes since... 

The first thing in the box that caught my eye was the Befine food skincare box. It was a facial exfoliating cleanser (3 packs) and a SPF moisturizer (2 packs) I didn't realize until I received an email from Birchbox saying that they were informed the moisturizer was outdated, and I thought it was probably a few months but NO it expired in 2009. So I probobly wont be using that. But, I did try out the cleansing exfoliater and it was amazing, it has brown sugar, almond butter and 

Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck was the next thing I got and usually i'm not a huge fan of the perfumes they send but this one is so yummy. Its deeper and not like spraying popery all over you. I am a huge fan, and honestly never would have thought about buying it before.

This LuLu Hair Powder was an exciting product because I have only used the spray dry shampoo and I have always wanted to try out the powder shampoo, so I cannot wait to try this one out. I am supper excited about the scent of lavender and sage.


The color Bevin. Zoya nail polish is a great nail polish and I love just getting a small amount because I never go through a full bottle of nail polish unless its my traditional colors which are a basic black and a navy blue, these are my main toe nail polishes. The other is my mint green nail polish, I paint my nails that every other paint. Anyways I will say I will never order a nail polish through the mail mainly because I feel I can buy them at a store directly and the same color for about the same price. 

This blueberry awesomeness is exactly that. Im just sad to say there was only 8 towels inside. When I get my next pay check im buying a whole load of these. I might even try out other products from their collection. This one impaticular has a lemon peel, blueberry and apple ingredients in it. It smells amazing and I cannot wait to try it out!

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