Lush Collection

Laster night me and Garrett went to the mall with the intention of only buying my refile for Proactive. I have been wanting to increase my collection of Lush for a long time and decided to run over there for a few minutes and possibly buy one or two. I got there and saw so many things and ended up spending $40.
I really had only intended on possibly buying something i had seen on their web-cite from their Easter collection. It is theImmaculate Eggseption bath bomb. When you crack it open there is a little tiny surprise (baby chick) and both are bath bombs. Unfortunately the girl gave me the wrong one and it was just the Fluffy Egg. I was disappointed at first but them realized it was still an amazing bath bomb from their easter collection. I am going to use it tonight and I can not wait. Next, I bought Mrs. Whippy which I have had before and it makes a gorgeous strawberry milkshake bath. Its delciious. Then I really gravitated toward the Bubble Bar section because I had never tried any of them before. So I picked up Rose Jam which reminded me of a delicious macaroon cookie. It was so soft and almost play-dough like. I cannot wait for that one. Also it was my first floral scented anything that doesn't make me nauseous, it actually makes me happy. The next thing I thought was amazing because the description said it would bring a rainbow to your rainy days and it has been raining were Iive for the past few weeks, just on and off. I knew it was meant to be so I grabbed that. Next I saw a big swirly jewel with the name of The Comforter. Sometimes everyone needs comforting. So I grabbed it and actually cannot wait to have a down day so I can use it to feel comforted...Is that crazy??? I think so, but I am okay with that.
That is all I bought unfortunately, I could have walked out with the whole store. Below is a picture of my entire collection of Lush Bath Products and I cannot wait for it to grow more and more. It is going to be very hard for me not to use them all in one week. I could totally live in my bath tube for a week or more with these beauties.

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