Toughin' the Spring Look

I am so in love with this look. I have a lot of styles that I love but making feminine a little edgy is defiantly in the top three. This whole outfit was centered around my dress that I wore for Easter three years ago and haven't found a reason to wear it again. Since it is spring time I wanted to utilize this time and bring it out because obviously flowers are a spring staple.
So I went ahead and added Mia my favorite black booties from JustFab. Then, since my new neckless from JusFab, Retro Rider, was in the back of my mind because I just got her less then a month ago, I decided to wear her. I loved so much how much of a statement she turned out to be and it truly kicked my outfit up a notch. Next, I thought of my bag and what I would want to carry around. I knew I would need room because I like to carry a lot of things around with me... :-\ So I went with a messenger bag from JustFab as well names Confession! Garrett bought her for me for Christmas this year and I love her so much. I love mixing patterns and mixing florals with stripes is always the best way to go. If I went out with this outfit it more then likely will be a little chilly so I think a black leather jacket was the perfect icing on the cake. Okay, now lets talk jewelry. We already have such a statement for a neckless so I wanted to keep with the edgy theme and add my favorite black square studs. The rest I just added my everyday gold mens watch, a black flower ring and my gold horseshoe crystal ring. I hope you love this as much as I did!

What I Wore:
Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohls Dress and Jacket Bag (Confession), Shoes (Mia), and Neckless (Retro Rider)
Forever 21 rings
Francescas Gold Mens Watch

Christine Comment