I'm Back with an Update and a little Summer Talk:-)

Hey guys, it has been a very long two months since I have written on here. A few things happened that I will fill you in on. Garrett proposed on May 25th!!!! So we have been trying to plan and between that and work I some how pushed one of the most important things to me aside. But it has been an amazing few months but I also had that empty feeling from not having time to write on my blog or film for my YouTube channel. So lets talk Summer.

When it comes to summer fashion, I tend to not dress up as much and I don't like to accessorize mainly because the temperature. Most days its above 90 degrees and it has recently gotten up in the 100 degree range. So, I sweat and I don't like to work so hard picking out outfits and thinking I can make it all day wearing the same thing with out smelling or sweating completely threw the cloths. Was that TMI??? Anyway, it is just uncomfortable. Not to mention the amount of extra special care laundry I would have to do. Also summer trends don't differ all that much from Spring trends. The occasional sun hats, and bathing suits are pretty much the only differences. Oh yea and minus a cardigan or jacket. So this is basically to tell you, you didn't miss much from me this Summer. For those of you who do not know what the Spring trends were I have a video on You Tube telling you my top 25 Spring Essentials >>>>  http://youtu.be/Shwu8f9Hc8U

Now lets talk hair. I have been just throwing my hair into a high twisted bun. Nothing special, it is just something really easy and quick I can do to get out the door. The top bun is great to keep your hair off your neck and to keep you cool so you can cut down the chances of sweating a lot more threw out the day. Not to mention it looks very sleek and professional while being stylish. Lets face it a bun goes with any outfit. 

I hope this was helpful and I am so excited to be back and cannot wait to share my journey to the alter and journey in fashion! 

Christine <3
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