Back to School Outfits for Every Occasion!!!

Hey guys, so school is back in full swing and what better way to start your semester off then with a fabulous outfit. I have picked 4 outfits for 4 different occasions. I hope these will help you draw inspiration for the rest of this semester! 

Outfit # 1 (First Day of School)
TJ Maxx Blouse
TJ Maxx Skinny Jeans
Target Leopard Flats
Forever 21 Bib Neckless

Outfit # 2 (Have a Presentation??)
Stylemint Abbot Kenny T
Forever 21 Blazer
Lauren Conrad Coral Pants
Aldo Pumps
Forever 21 Chain Neckless

Outfit # 3 (Woke up late and still want to look Fab)
JC Penny Jean Jacket
JC Penny Maxi Dress
Forever 21 Neckless
JustFab Shoes (Glady's)

Outfit # 4 (Lazy Day)
JC Penny Turquoise Plaid Shirt
Style Mint Abbot Kenny T
TJ Maxx Skinny Jeans
Ralph Laren Shoes

 Signature Pieces:

Confession from JustFab

Nail Polish - Essie Limo-scene

Michael Kors Watch (Camelle)
Forever 21 Crystal Bracelet
Rings made by Myself

Christine Comment