Christine Sanders


Back to School Outfits for Every Occasion!!!

Christine Comment

Hey guys, so school is back in full swing and what better way to start your semester off then with a fabulous outfit. I have picked 4 outfits for 4 different occasions. I hope these will help you draw inspiration for the rest of this semester! 

Outfit # 1 (First Day of School)
TJ Maxx Blouse
TJ Maxx Skinny Jeans
Target Leopard Flats
Forever 21 Bib Neckless

Outfit # 2 (Have a Presentation??)
Stylemint Abbot Kenny T
Forever 21 Blazer
Lauren Conrad Coral Pants
Aldo Pumps
Forever 21 Chain Neckless

Outfit # 3 (Woke up late and still want to look Fab)
JC Penny Jean Jacket
JC Penny Maxi Dress
Forever 21 Neckless
JustFab Shoes (Glady's)

Outfit # 4 (Lazy Day)
JC Penny Turquoise Plaid Shirt
Style Mint Abbot Kenny T
TJ Maxx Skinny Jeans
Ralph Laren Shoes

 Signature Pieces:

Confession from JustFab

Nail Polish - Essie Limo-scene

Michael Kors Watch (Camelle)
Forever 21 Crystal Bracelet
Rings made by Myself