Fall...please hurry up and get here!!!

Oh my gosh fall is here!!!! In scent that is...Fall is my absolute favorite time of year and i know with were I live it wont actually be fall weather for several more months. But, the leaves scent came out at Bath and Body Works and AHHHHH I got two of them. Now I can have my house smelling like fall. At least I can trick myself into thinking it is Fall, while i'm inside at least. I ask you how could anyone not like Fall, it is the perfect cool weather. It allows us to put on oversized clothing and lay, layer, layer. To me layering is how I pick apart the truly great fashion gurus from the others. I love scarves and boots and cardigans and jackets and oh yea my number one Skinny Jeans! I cannot wait till it comes so I might just go ahead and start making Fall videos even though I have 2 more months of summer. Well I am going to go sniff my leaves candles until I pass out and I will talk to you guys later!

Christine Comment