Whats in my Purse???

Do I carry enough crap in my purse? I think so. However, I feel that I am fully prepared for any situation that comes my way lol. All I know is that I am everyones go to for mints, a pen, a hairbrush and a mirror. Since I feel I need everything in my bag, I cannot try out the day time clutch trend. Honestly it doesn't really faze me because I love bigger bags so much. In this case the bigger the better. I might have back problems later in life or lean to one side always but I am okay with that. It is more important to me to be prepared. If you ask my family I am the most forgetful person. But, that is why I try to carry what ever I might need at any given moment. But, I have been known to leave my purse a few places...lol. Well I hope you enjoyed the video and don't forget to check my channel every Monday for Fashion Videos and Thursday for Beauty Videos and Saturdays for Bonus Videos!
Christine Comment