Outfit - Buckles and Plaid

Today has been a very long day with trying to get ready for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure this weekend and trying to consistently put up videos. Most of our race team bailed but there are still going to be four of us maybe five. I cannot wait for the race because it is always supper emotional and supper happy, fun time. Anyways, today I woke up super early and got started editing my Monday video so I could have it up in a timely manner. Basically it will be about Spring time and out with the old and in with the new. I am officially announcing my new blog. As well as showing you guys how I damaged my phone. So, I got dressed and ready to film Thursday's video but Garrett wasn't going to be able to come home for lunch so I was going to go meet him. I saw the ample opportunity to get him to take some outfit shots for this blog post. Plans changed were he was able to come home but I was all dressed and ready to go so we went ahead and drove some were to take pictures. I love going away from the house to take pictures! One, its different; Two, its more fun; and Three, it gets me out and away from the house for an hour. We have been turning it into a date every time I go take photos.

So I am loving the new was of taking pictures! I hope you are too! If there is anybody out there reading this. Today as been one of those days were I have a lot to do and I am on schedule with everything and just breezing threw everything and then I get sick. Despite the sickness I have gotten a lot of work done today and I am very proud of myself! I hope you guys had a good and productive day today! Happy March and happy Friday! I hope you guys have a safe and fun weekend and I will see you again tomorrow!

P.S.  Out Race name is BReast Buddies! Capital BR for Baton Rouge! Isn't that so cute! It was ALL Garrett's idea! Good Job Husband!

 <3 Christine

How to get this Look

White V-Neck T - Hanes from Wal-Mart

Plaid Button Up - a.n.a. from Kohl's

Cardigan - Sanoma from Kohl's

White Infinity Scarf - Francesca's  

Signature Skinny Solid Jeans - Medium Dark by JustFab {Found Here}

Buckle Boots - Candie's from Kohl's

White Bag - Taj Mahal by JustFab  {Found Here} Only available in Black, Tan and Burgundy.