OOTD | The Girly Military | Mixing Feminine and Masculine

Hey guys so today I wanted to mix my girly pieces with more military pieces. So I came up with the outfit below. I also straightened my hair for the first time today!!! Well the first time in over a year. I found a new way to straighten it which goes alot faster then my previous ways. Any ways this post isnt about my hair do. So read on to see were everything is from!


My necklace and watch were my last years birthday gifts from Garrett (my husband) or fancy face lol. The necklace is from red envelope and the watch is Camille by Michael Kors.


My white T is from StyleMint but is no longer available. Honestly if I didnt have it I would just wear a Hanes V-neck T. So yea!


Mah shoes are Ariane by JustFab. I have had them for over 2 years and finally I found the perfect outfit to pair it with. These shoes scream military and now that I have the military jacket its on!


My all time favorite purse! I got it from a boutique named Blink and it doesn't have a designer name inside which is kinda weird but I am in love with this! It has been my go to bag this beginning of summer.


My pants are LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl's. I love how these are jeans with a print vs. a colored printed pant. They are understated while being a big piece to this outfit. Most of my jeans are LC collection and they fit my body very well and I absolutely love them so highly recommended.


Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you all are having an amazing weekend! I will talk to you guys soon! For multiple everyday updates, if by chance I don't post on here I am ALWAYS on Instagram! @ChristineGxoxo . Love you guys!

<3 Christine