Casual Tweed - Black and White Outfit #2

Hey guys so this is my second outfit of the week of black and white. I am in love with this look! It is comfy and gorgeous and packs a statement.  


My favorite shorts of all time are from JC Penny and I got them in a size too big so they would look more "boyfriend like." 


My bag is Tycoon by JustFab and I got it because it reminded me of the Celine bags . It just gives this outfit a little punch of color without being too bright.


My tweed jacket is from Kohls and I love the grey look on front and the solid black panel on the back. This outfit is just so fun I couldn't help but spin!


So my white T is from Stylemint which is no longer available but any white T with a scoop neck will do. Also my necklace is from Forever 21! 


Lastly my shoes! My all time favorite shoes that are by Ralph Lauren. They go with almost everything and I cant tell you how comfy they are! Alright guys thank you so much for reading and I hope this inspires you to wear black and white and experiment. Thank you again and don't forget to tune in Friday for the final black and white outfit!  

 <3 Christine