DIY | At home Hair Detangler

Hey guys,

I really have been wanting to make my own hair products and stop using the drugstore's. Unfortunately I haven't found much success. However, I did find a great cheap and easy way to create my own detangler at home. Let's just face it, detangler comes with the territory of having long hair.

When I switched to using this method I noticed a huge difference in my hairs health. All it is, is water and conditioner. I hope to one day find a all natural conditioner that works well with my hair. But until then this as good as it is going to get.

Products You Will Need:

Spray Bottle



Step One: Take a conditioner bottle that you have squeezed to death to get all the product out. You want it to the point were you will throw it away (But DON'T)

Step Two: Open the bottle and poor it half way up with water (I used filtered water)

Step Three: Swish! don't shake. Watch my video above to see how I do it. Basically you don't want to cause any bubbles or froth.

Step Four: Fill it the rest of the way up and swish it again.

Step Five: Add new detangler mixture into your spray bottle and it is ready to use!

I hope this helps you guys out with saving some cash. Stay tuned for more videos every Monday and Thursday + bonus Saturdays!

<3 Christine