Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I know it is almost a week later but I wanted to share with you garrett and my costumes. I was a scarecrow and he was superman. He forgot his glasses for the picture but hey I am just lucky he wore a themed shirt. 

This being our first Halloween in our new house, we wanted to make it a point to join in. We had so much fun getting ready to hand out candy. We had never handed out candy and it had been a very long time since we dressed up or even celebrated Halloween. 

I will set the scene...Garrett and I on our front porch sitting in our dinning room chairs. Django (our puppy) in my lap and a gate with the front door open so Chloe and Rocky could see out. 

Since it was our first time handing out candy, we didn't know how much candy to get so we got 400 pieces thinking that would be way more then we needed. Ladies and gentlemen...we lasted 10 minutes. Our first mistake was we told the first groups to take all they wanted. It wasn't bad until you get the trick or treaters who didn't even dress up and were 13-15 years old. Those kids took 5 handfulls. None the less it was a blast and we cannot wait to be more prepared< next year!

<3 Christine