Ladies Spray Yourselves | Spray on Clothing???

Well who needs to physically put on a shirt over their heads anymore? That is so over rated! Now we can spray our clothing on! It gives us a creative edge! My only fear is if I wake up in the morning and I don't feel like being creative. What then?

All kidding aside I think this is amazing for not only fashion but also the world.

I guess before I go on and on about how great this is I should explain what is going on. Scientists in London created a solution that contains fibers. When sprayed on a surface (body) it is wet like a paint but the liquid dries and a fiber "patch" is created. It sounds cool but they have a long way to go before it is perfect. I linked a video below that I found on YouTube so you guys can see it in action for yourselves.

So after watching this it looks gross and wet. The edges look like spider webs and uneven. However, just imagine ten years from now where the economy, fashion and the world will be!?!? It is very exciting.

There are two things that concern me though. One, the look and tightness of the fabric and two, it is being sprayed on by an aerosol can. Aerosol is a known dependent of the ozone layer. I am very iffy about this development. I believe it has a long way to go to be "perfect." I do think it is very cool if designers can make clothing out of it but for an at home type thing, can you imagine how many cans you would have to go through to make a full shirt? I guess depends on the shirt!

I want to know what you guys think of this invention. I would love to know! Just leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you guys so much for reading! I love you all!

<3 Christine

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