Military Excellence

Sup everyone! Today my family was in town for Garrett's graduation, which outfits will be up soon. So today my great uncle wanted to take us out to dinner to celebrate and we went to Chimes which is a very popular restaurant here in Baton Rouge and it was delicious. But, rewind an hour before we met up at a coffee shop which is divine and I got a white chocolate iced mocha (my signature drink) lol. Which is in the picture below. But the reason for my ramble is to tell you that this is the perfect outfit for a weekend coffee and weekend lunch with the people you love. I was so comfy and I felt flawless and gorgeous and cool. So read further if you want to know more about the outfit! Enjoy <3


My outfit was meant to be casual and cool and perfect for running around all day. So of course I went for flats and my sandals are Steve Madden which I bought from Belk. And no the gold strap is not painful but it also is very sturdy. I get that question a lot.


My new obsession is this gorgeous magnificent glorious bag lol (I am so dramatic) But, seriously I am in love with this bag and surprise surprise it is not from JustFab :-/ I know. But I couldn't resist it when I saw it in a little boutique called Blink. My new bracelet is from a little boutique which is not a chain but the bracelet can be found almost anywhere. My other bracelet is from the same place which a lot of these type bracelets can be found at Forever 21. My watch which has been a go to for a while now is Michael Kore's' Camille.


Now that we are done with the accessories lets talk cloths. My top is from TJ Max, shorts are from JC Penny and my Jacket is also from JC Penny. My sunnies are from JustFab named St. Barts in Black.  My hair is slightly curled and pulled into a low ponytail and for some reason my hair isn't pulled over my shoulder which by the way it is how I have been wearing it lately. Any questions please leave them in the comments below! Love you guys!

<3 Christine