What FALL Means To ME!

I cannot express how much I love Fall. The way it makes me feel is incredible!

I instantly feel energized to do what makes me happy! It is almost like feeling inspired. Anything from playing with outfits, makeup, house arrangements, the dogs and also the kitchen. I love cooking in the fall time....especially desert! 

Louisiana is just not the ideal place to get things done during summer. It is so hot and humid and straight up miserable. Don't get me wrong I love my state and I love living in Baton Rouge but I wish we had actual seasons. So for us Fall means a cool breeze of relief and this is the time when people actually get out and about. 

Fall time for us also means getting outside and taking long walks. Summer is where you stay indoors and pray your A/C doesn't go out! So here is to fall my favorite time of year! Oh Fall lasts till March. We don't get a Winter. Well that is a lie we get a week of 35 degree weather in February. 

What does Fall mean to you guys?

<3 Christine

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